Who’s the Hell Going to Read This Sh*tty Work?

Finding my very first topic is one of the hardest part, but getting started is even harder. I got an intention of writing my first blog since 2016, now here I am; starting on 10 February 2021. Damn, I wasted 5 years, ha ha. It’s good anyway.

I’ve seen many blog post examples on the internet, somehow I feel like I don’t fit in regarding the recommendations. I want something different, something that could turn my life upside down.

I want to write about silence. The thing people don’t say. The ideas people think but never say it out.

I got asked, “What will your first blog post be?” To be honest, it doesn’t matter. It just matters that I write it, that I actually sit down and do it.

“Who’s the hell going to read this sh*tty work?” It doesn’t have to be read or even heard. The thing is, I created something that can potentially stick around and get right down to business. Any post is better than none!

Gorgeous, don’t be a book filled with empty pages. Be brave enough to be bad at something new. Mistakes would be made but lessons are learned. You don’t have to give a sh*t whether people have noticed your starting point, even if they look at you in a wrong way; let them be, there is nothing to prove. Remember that success is only earned.

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