If You’re going to be Weird, Be Confident About It

Weird simply means different and it is not bad to be different.

Everything original seems weird at first. Ever heard of the first man who used umbrella in British streets? People hurled trash and insults him because umbrella was considered to be a feminine accessory back then. A while after, people followed him and it took until the late 1700s for the umbrella to come into vogue.

What is weird might not be understood today, but by tomorrow it could be the new norm.

Weirdo are creators. Their extraordinary skills; every great creative breakthrough – artistic, scientific, designer, etc. It requires a new way of thinking. We are not the same, we grow up differently, we see thing differently.

What makes you weird makes you memorable. Deep down everyone wants to be more real, but we are all afraid to be the first one to stand out. People won’t remember the thing you did that everybody can do, but they will remember the thing you did that only you can do.

Let your weird light shine bright so the other weirdos know where to find you.

Published by skyytherecorder

I'm just a human living on earth who's trying to make life more complicated. I also create a content called "Whatever." My pleasure to received your like, follow, and support.

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