Big Boys Don’t Cry

It is completely and utterly normal; indeed part of being human; to feel a bit low sometimes. However, we’re more wired to experience negative emotions than positive ones. And the worst part is, it is in need of treatment otherwise it would lead to something more serious like high-functioning depression.

In this case, society tend to put more pressure on men since men was thought to be strong as solid stone nothing can break, ironically, this stereotype confused thing since the beginning. We all know societal norms have bad impact for men to ask for help. Just like in Hollywood movies, men chose to killed himself rather than begging for life. Although there is targeted support now for men, help-seeking behavior such as talking to someone about their difficulties is still far lower. The bad sad truth is, people I know continue commit suicide over explaining sh*t they’ve been through. Sigh…

For men out there who’s fighting your battle alone, we’re on the same shoes. I’m going to write some kind of self-healing tips since we can’t speak out our pain. Therefore, as a protective factor for both physical and mental health- dust off your legwarmers and try some of these tips.

  • Self-talk. Sounds silly but I do it all the times. We’re all need listener and it’s always good to have someone we can share things with. Sometimes, I talk to the sky, sunsets, dog or cat. Trust me, it helps a lot.
  • Create a “Good Times” folder in your own f*cking brian idiots. We spend most of our times alone ’cause by meeting people, we’re afraid to be asked “How was your day?” Nothing feels quite right, but it is better to say I’m fine rather than explaining why it’s not. Since we enjoy our lonely moment, we notice as many as details about the environment, so the “Good Times” file is a pleasant sensations that we can revisit at a later point in times.
  • Music is another powerful way to activate feeling of anxiety. It’s also enhances inspirations, strengthens meaning in life and can get your body moving. Not much to say, I knew you have your own playlist.
  • Reminisce with photograph. It doesn’t matter whether these are old-fashioned, printed photos or galleries on your smart-phone. The important thing here is to connect with the past through photographic images to remind us how far we have come.
  • Get a hobbies. Anything that can transport you to a particularly comforting time; cycling, swimming, reading, writing, cooking, or even go to the gym. Whatever to bring you back to feeling warm, safe, and cared for. Not only when things get tough, but on a regular basis to soothe a frazzled modern mind.

By practicing these tips, keep in mind that it not always gonna work, but give yourself a try. By tuning into positive events, you will give yourself a gift for future tough times and truly appreciate life in the present.

Never give up on life. Keep fighting your battle. Believe in yourself. Whatever it takes, don’t ever think of committing suicide. Just don’t!

Buy A Dog Or Pet the Stray?

“Buying an expensive dog and ignoring stray dog doesn’t make you a dog lover.”

I am 100% sure you’ll probably see this expression somewhere before; but my people; we can’t shame someone’s just because of that. Supposed you saw a kid on a street, you can’t claim that you are the one with no heart for the fact that you didn’t share your house and adopt him. No one can control everything. That’s how the world spin. And I don’t want to be a narrow-minded person here, but sometimes I can’t calm myself down.

Considering this, apart from buying a dog for adoption, why can’t people just pick the stray one?

Breed dogs look good, but that’s what society shows us. There are many reasons not to buy breed dogs, and the picture of them are far worse than what we have seen. I am not against having breed dog as a pet, but my point is whether breed dogs or stray dogs, they both should get equal love and care. And when you pay attention only to the pretties; that is not love, you just satisfy your obsession for what is good-looking.

Every dogs are being tortured while breeding. Forcibly impregnating them and putting them through physical discomfort; I hope you understand how cruel it is. Taking this into account, buying from breeder destroys the chances of a dog to get to live and experiences being part of a family. In case this post reminds you of a brutal monster who had ever separated anyone’s family, forgive me you must! Incidentally, when you buy a pet from breeder, you encourage them to make more. Sigh…

Once again, real beauty comes from within. That’s exactly appearances of the dog doesn’t matter. By adopting stray dog, you will experience absolute soul satisfactions, you will experience what it feels like to be loved unconditionally. And you save a life! You will have a strong and healthier pet because they can survive easily in any condition. The world have treated them poorly already, imagine how adorable they’d be when they are being taken care of. And if you really need a family member, why does type of dog matters?

Sleeping after a huge meal

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a dog lover. I just feel bad when most of the time, we couldn’t identify between love, like, and hate. I would have feel bad if I did’t write this. But it feels strange…It is something I can’t explain…

Good Men Exist!

After being played by random guys from time to time, girls end up questioning such silly questions:

  • Do good men exist? Well, I believe they do.
  • Where to find them? Earth, exactly!

The only reason why a whole bunch of women didn’t find them is because good men do not hang out much, rarely go to clubs or bar because they know it would be chaos. Good men stay at home, lay on coach, drink hot coffee, where they know it calms their mind because good men value their peace.

Good men also keep their circle of friends small. Psychologically, they could tell the differences between a good person and a bad person. They would prefer a small group of friends who value them the way they value their peace because they both value friendship.

Good men busy making money. He’s trying very hard to prove his worth, his responsibility by providing a good meal for his family and love one.

Most of the good men go to church, they pray. There are men out there who love others more than himself, who serve others, and serve and love God.

Good men learn daily. He reads, listens, observes, and keep trying.

Good men loves unconditionally. If he would about to ask you for a date, he made sure he must build a future with you; and your flaws doesn’t matter.

If these are the things that define your perspective of a ‘good men’ then yes, they do exist. But you’re not going to see them everywhere because while you busy wearing lipstick, he’s staying home and washing dishes. Or he’s sitting next to you, you just never pay attention to.

  • How to get a good men? Sound a little stupid but it works…

Understand that no one is perfect. Be yourself, know your worth, and don’t try to impress any man over.

Flirt him back, because most of them don’t know how. Celebrates if he gives you a smile!

Beauty Standard

It’s a low-key embarrassing tho when society give attractive people more attention basically on their looks and physical appeal. Another thing that saddens me is, most women don’t think they are beautiful or by any chance, they don’t feel confident in their own beauty. I don’t know how many percentages of men think the same way, but I guess it’s a common sense for everybody since the concept of good looking still remain in ones’ heads.

However, there’s a different reflection on how men and women address on their body. Men; including me; generally give less f*cks on their physical appearance. Even if they are fat or look like a homeless person, men are trying to get things done quickly.

On the other hand, women have become conditioned to believing in the unrealistic standards of beauty set by society, of course some don’t. It goes like applying skincare, grooming your brow, curling hair, hydrating your lips, moisturizing, dressing nicely, and so on; women are convincing that they will need more than physical attraction to be attracted. That’s what the society has made us believe in, that’s what we are told. And ironically, most of us believe all this.

I agree on the point that you have to take care of your body, skin tones, facial features; but that doesn’t mean you MUST activate body plastic surgery just so you could think you look prettier. The case excepted on who have conditions like birth disorders, injuries, illnesses, or burns. It’s different between to look pretty and to feel comfortable on your body. Just think how many industries would go out of business if tomorrow women woke up and decided they really like their bodies. Just live ladies, it will pass. You don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to get noticed.

Beauty has no standard. See yourself in the mirror, see all of it, look at all your greatness, accept it, and love it. Real beauty comes from within- the most beautiful people in the world are those who have a good heart.

Talk To Kids

Once again, I’m not an expertise. This is just my point of view and I don’t think my writing would ever deliver message to anybody. But for God’s sake, I really want to write.

So, the topic today is about kids. Why kids? Because why not!?

Well, I ain’t got no kid but I used to be a kid or; forever; I am. I just don’t know. But for my whole life, I see most kids and grown up teenagers don’t actually have deep enough conversations with their parents. Somehow, they prefer to keep their problems inside or would discuss it with somebody rather then their parents.

The problem is we don’t engage our children as much and they don’t articulate themselves very much. Try to listen to what they want to tell you and learn to interact so they would open up more. Kids won’t necessarily open up conversation on their own, we have to teach them to the point where they want to come and tell you what happens. For example, the child himself come and said, “I saw a dream.” You don’t even ask, “Do you see a dream?” That’s the kind of communication we want to facilitate with our kids.

A lot of times our children speak to us, and we give them one-word answers, supposed when they go, “Mom, what’s this? or Dad, look at this?” Then we’d just like, “Hmm… Okay.” It is no real conversation. And that’s the reason grown up teenagers rarely share things to their parents because they’ve experienced when they were kid that it’s no used. If you don’t listen to their silly words now, they won’t tell you big troubles later.

Beside, don’t talk to them like they’re babies. My relatives always have an attitude of making sounds as in cartoons because they think kids like it. Usually, they lie to them like all kids are foolish, some even bullied them as joke. And that’s how kids think it is normal to speak that way. Why don’t we learn to talk to them like they’re intelligent? Even if they’re just 5 years old, even if they don’t know how to respond. Just pretend, that’s how kids learn to behave when they speak.

Kids are just like white paper, they are easily manipulated. When you listen when they talk, they would listen when you talk. Talk to your kids in a professional way, speak to them intelligently. And you’d be surprised how quickly they learn to communicate intelligently.

Is Reading Really Important As You Thought?

I once worked in a bookstore which is in a city where there are lots of tourists since it is among the famous tourism site. From time to time, I see bookworms spent money on books more than they have spent on clothes.

Tell you the truth, it is far different between a feeling as a staff and customers. As consumer, I always consider if I like that stuff before I buy it; on the other hand; a seasonal employee as me give zero f*cks whether you like it or not. We care when you buy so we could reach our selling target. By the way, I really appreciate how marketing advertisement encourage people to read but somehow I feel strange for the fact that is it useful to read or is it just business?

Always ask myself why do I read? Am I falling in the trap?

Speaking of which, spending money for my own happiness is my life’s motto. Therefore, I’m trying to be optimistic and find some good reasons so I don’t feel bad about it.

  1. I read because I have an obsession with quotes because other people are so much better at putting my feelings into words than I am. I’m not good at expressing how I feel, I can’t find the right word for that.
  2. I read for inspirations. I lost sometimes. Thanks to the authors; the ink is not just ink, it is knowledge, experiences, blood, hard works, scarified. and/or deep thinking are combined. Beside basic needs, people need encouragement and motivation to keep them alive too.
  3. Above all, I read to escape from the real world. I create a fantasy world in my mind and I live in my own imagination, I can tell it is wonderful right here.

For the sake of God, I still read and I still recommend my people to read. I’ve no longer care how much money I waste on books, because it is not wasted actually. It buried my soul and I feel good.

Someone I Can Trust

Recently, I have finished reading a book of young-adult fiction, which is about a wallflower who wants to learn about untold truth that school didn’t teach, a bit nasty but the story was well-written. It also had a film I could spend just two hours watching but I decided to read, told you it took me more than a month.

Currently, I’m reading another book related to science-fiction which is talking about hair-raising investigation of a young boy when his friend went missing. I haven’t finished it all but it was interesting. I hope I could end this book quicker because there were two more books in my list when I visited bookstore a past week.

I don’t know if people enjoy reading over movie but the place I live, most teenagers don’t focus much about reading, neither does the study. Many of them have so much time enjoying outside, party, spend half a day on social media; which can be called a rich kid lifestyle. I can’t imagine their future, I have no power over that too, but Jesus, this generation is weird to me. I find it hard sometimes reading at the park or in a coffee shop, like you’re the black sheep and everyone is watching. I’m not afraid to be different but those creepy eyes feel like zombie’s striving for blood.

I bring book with me most of the times even though I knew I don’t have time to read but book is a friend of mine. I feel safe, at least I know there is someone next to me I can trust. It was books that made me feel perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them.

New Game In This Holy Generation

Some idiots are too free and even create a fun game for idiots to play online.

This is what I found funny on the internet, people write five pages debating. Man, I don’t understand but I give zero f*ck.. What’s more annoying than the debate itself is the fact that people think their opinions matter on the freaking internet. Think about what you could have done in that hours you spent writing paragraphs complaining on useless sh*t.

Come on! Get a life. You’re so discontent with yourself that you’re arguing with people you’ve never seen before. How come those strangers have power to ruin your day? And will you get a Ballon D’or after winning that argument?

Nah, I’m blaming myself because I have nothing to do. While treating myself a hot no-sweet chocolate, I write random article so you could read and waste a few minutes.

I appreciate you read this. By the way, NEVER argue with strangers through online media. Stay safe, stay away from idiots.

Life Is Weird When It Went Too Well

I am awfully sorry for not giving a damn checking up on my blog in this last two months. Nothing struggling my life much so far. I’m a bit busier recently, that’s why.

I like sharing ideas just like the other bloggers; but the more general, the more I’m not interested. Therefore, I choose to write for the broken, the failure, because there is nothing I can do. I hope my writing could cheer them up, but once again, I’m sorry for not updating new post for long.

I understand what it’s like to live and deal with the pressures of reality. That’s not easy. One thing I did is possibly fake fun to f*ck around and create a fantasy world in my mind in order to distract myself from that sh*t. I know you can do better.

As time goes by; as the image of myself becomes sharper in my brain, I feel less afraid. I don’t know if my life went too well or I’m used to it. At least I could be honest with myself that I won’t let the demons control me.

For peace; I delete, I block, I disown, I ignore, I leave. All *ssholes go f*cked off. Thanks!

7 Practices to Become the Better Version of Yourself

Before you read my tips, keep in mind that it’s not gonna work for everybody; the same goes for writers who wrote about billionaires but can’t never become ones. Hehe, can’t help for being an honest person; so follow for what is right for you.

  1. Exercise. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder, but you can look and feel better than you ever have by working out just 15mn/day and if possible, cutting down some junk foods.
  2. Learn daily. Read and think. Educate yourself. It might be a mere temporary distraction but it gives our brains something to think about other than our daily worries.
  3. Don’t try to control everything, because you can’t. The only thing you can control is how you react to things. Choose wisely what you give your power to.
  4. Ignore bullsh*t. Remember your mind is a magnet. If you think of blessings, you attract blessings; and if you think of problems, you attract problems. Simple as that.
  5. Start building your future. Start unknown, do it broke, do it scared, just do it. If they don’t help you grow, grow alone. No effort is ever a waste of time. If it didn’t bring you what you want, it taught you what you don’t want.
  6. Don’t be hesitate at making the right choice. If it isn’t a clear yes, then it’s a clear no.
  7. Help others, but never downplayed yourself to please them. The givers sleep better. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

I’ll always try to say honest things in the nicest way possible. I pray all of my b*tches succeed.