A Morning Motivation

I remembered one book I’ve read, mentioned about a girl who is excited for her school trip the next day since it was the very first school trip of the season. Therefore, she prepared things she must bring along for camping somewhere far out of town; and that night, she can’t sleep. Her mind fullContinue reading “A Morning Motivation”

Best Teacher I Ever Had

When the question asked who your best teacher is, you’d better answer what have you learnt from your teacher because that’s what makes him the best. At this point, I really can’t identify who was my best teacher because they are great in their own way. Just my hypothesis, everything can be your teacher, notContinue reading “Best Teacher I Ever Had”

If You’re going to be Weird, Be Confident About It

Weird simply means different and it is not bad to be different. Everything original seems weird at first. Ever heard of the first man who used umbrella in British streets? People hurled trash and insults him because umbrella was considered to be a feminine accessory back then. A while after, people followed him and it tookContinue reading “If You’re going to be Weird, Be Confident About It”

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